Kick Your Sugar Cravings


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Wouldn't it be such a relief to be in control of your sugar intake?

This comprehensive and in depth wellness mini-course will help you regain control of when and how much sugar you eat so you can stop overeating, reset your palate to crave whole foods, and actually enjoy the upcoming holiday season without massive temptation.

I'm sharing exact ways of how I healed my relationship with sugar and got off the merry-go-round with cravings.

In this DIY course you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain a solid understanding why you crave sugar in the first place and how it effects the body and mind
  • Best practices for eating sugar in moderation so you can be in control of when and how much you have
  • Identify which emotions are linked to your cravings and stop using willpower
  • Choose the best sugar options that are still sweet but don't spike your insulin levels
  • Channel your deeper desire for sweets so you can fill your cup in other ways

Go at your own pace with this 1.5 hours mini-course that is exclusively discounted for a limited time! 

Your purchase includes recordings, tutorials, and lifetime access.


You Can Create Boundaries With Sugar

I don't want you to "quit" sugar. The last thing we all need is more restriction and shame around food.


And even though sugar is more readily available than ever and can run rapid in the body and causing inflammation, high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, and fatty liver disease - when you eat certain forms of sugar, and in moderation, you thrive. 

I want you to be in the driver seat with when and how much you consume.

I know it can be really hard to manage the cravings but...

The food industry has taken advantage of our biological need and desire for sugar and has littered many food products to include some form of the ingredient.

In Kick Your Sugar Cravings, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your sugar intake.


Imagine the fall and winter seasons...

  • Finally not needing a "sugar detox" after the holidays
  • Being able to have 1 cookie/slice of pie/piece of chocolate and actually feel satisfied (without hiding it)
  • Feeling clear and in-tune with your body + emotions around wanting sweets

Remembering sugar isn't "bad" is the key to success. I cover it all in the mini-course and the best part is you can dive in when it works for your schedule, with the whole thing only taking about 1.5 hours!

Hi! I'm Natalie...

A 2x certified health coach and founder of Natalie Jackson Wellness. Before helping other with their daily body habits, I was struggling to manage my own.

I often ate a lot of sugar thinking it was my only energy source and honestly, I just didn't know how to curb the cravings. I wanted tons of crabs, gluten-free processed foods, and ate multiple small meals throughout the day, otherwise I was "hangry."

So I learned everything I could about balancing my cravings, where they came from, and how to do it in a way that didn't have me "quitting" sugar. There are natural forms of sugar the earth produces so it made sense that I could find a way to have it in moderation.

I noticed my acne cleared up, my headaches reduced, I had better mental clarity, and my body had a much more stable energy source that didn't require as much sugar. I could actually choose which foods I wanted without being distracted by the next sugary treat.

And now through my NJ Wellness and my signature course Longevity Blueprint, I help nurturing, outdoor loving people do the same.

All without intense restriction, unnecessary supplements, time consuming habits, and tasteless food options.  

What's Included


The Problem With Sugar

Some hard facts about sugar, why it's considered "bad", and what it looks like when you're out of sync


What Your Body and Mind Experience On Sugar

Common physical, mental, and emotion symptoms when the body experiences an overload of sugar


Sugar Is Hiding Where?!

Sneaky, and some not so sneaky, places sugar is added to food products and different names for sugar


Why Willpower Doesn't Work

Breaking down our chemical craving for sugar, why it's hard to overpower it with sheer force, and what to do about it


Are You Emotionally Or Physically Hungry?

Understanding the difference and identifying (and satisfying) your emotion(s) attached to your cravings


Ways To Reset Your Palette

Specific practices you can do right at home to clear your cravings from your tongue and digestive tract, foods to add, and to keep the process fun


Healthy Sugar Options

A breakdown of which natural sugars to add to your meals so you never have to "quit" sugar

Here's How It Works...

  • After your purchase, I will send you an email with your login info to have immediate access
  • There are a total 10 modules, all with a video under 10 minutes, feel free to go at your own pace
  • Select modules include interactive activities, prompts, and video notes
  • I recommend watching a module a day (10 days) so you have a chance to implement the practices

Kick Your Sugar Cravings Mini-Course

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I want you to walk away with a deep understanding of your relationship with sugar. To have a solid set of strategies and practices of how you can gain control of your cravings AND still enjoy sugar with ZERO GUILT.