2021 Aspirations and Settling Into Your Own Pace

A fresh start.

A wonderful opportunity to invest your time and energy into the potential. Your potential.

The beauty of transitions emphasize the consistency of change. And this is a big one.

You might be quick to move on from 2020 and that's OK, but acknowledge what it brought up for you and what you experienced. If you don't, it can be very easy to relive the same thing.

Nobody needs to relive 2020.

Traditionally, this is a time to set a resolution or two. How does this land for you? Are you over resolutions? I believe in setting goals and intentions but the beginning of the Winter may not be the most effective time do so. As the cold settles in we slow down and go inward, so if you're not feeling it, embrace your own pace!

Our culture of pushing and achieving is exhausting. If you need to keep healing and reviewing this last year, do it. Take your time and don't let others move you along quicker than you want to go. You'll come out stronger and more aware of how you want to ebb and flow.

Keep your sights set on Spring if that feels more in alignment to set new intentions.

For those of you examining your habits and lifestyle and feeling the creative juices, here are some great questions to ask yourself.

  • What daily routines and habits do you have that you will keep?

  • What unsupportive habits are you leaving behind?

  • How do you want to FEEL this year?

  • How do you want to be supported?

Write it down and be honest with yourself.

Don’t wait for the situation to be perfect to make your next move. Identify the end goal/feeling, work backwards and line up your next small step and always keep why you want it front and center.

Act as if you already have the habit or feeling. Presence it with your mind and bring it into reality.

Calendar integrity is one of my aspirations. Having all my dates, systems and reminders in one place sounds amazing and I know it will reduce my anxiety and hours worked and increase my sense of purpose and focus. I never used to use a calendar (aka project management tool) up until this last year. I kept everything in my head or on paper. Yes, there were tiny pieces of paper everywhere, it was messy. But it felt so good and to write down and not feel like I had to "remember everything."

I've been supporting myself through free online trainings and checking in with friends who are using the same system. When I feel overwhelmed by getting everything in my calendar I step back and focus on the day, and if that feels doable, I'll do the week.

This is important to me because I desire to help other people and I can't do that if I'm always taking care of my own needs. It also allows more time to live and adventure outside, and we all know how much I freaking love the outdoors.

Cheers to you and a fabulous new year!