5 Body Habits To Keep When The Weather Gets Cold

The warmer months can make sticking to a daily routine of habits a little easier. There is a lightness in the air because the energy around us going up and lifts our spirits.

When colder weather settles in, we're invited to slow down, get cozy and rest. The energy around us is going down so it's a wonderful time to reflect, turn our focus inward, and celebrate stillness.

But sometimes we can get stuck in the downward energy and catch ourselves feeling blah on the couch watching movies and overeating in the evening.

These are the habits I practice daily to stay balanced in mind and body and keep the winter blues away.

Activate Your Sense Of Smell

Take a moment to smell. Breathe in and breathe out. What did you notice? Smells during winter are more muted but slow cooking foods calm the nervous system. I currently have a big pot of carrot, sweet potato, and white onion soup on the stove. I added spices of ginger, turmeric, fennel seed, cumin seed, coriander seed and fresh garlic. The aroma has filled my home and the earthy smells make me feel grounded. Excite your nose with cooked foods, essential oils and fresh air to stay centered.

Drink A Big Glass Of Water

This habit will always make the cut as one of the most important practices. When you wake up, clean your mouth and pour yourself a big glass of warm water. Stand at the kitchen counter and slow sip or guzzle how ever many ounces your body asks for. You should feel good and full after. You literally flush your whole body of toxins and clean house. You might even have to poop soon after. I have a "water station" next to the kitchen sink that always has my water glass ready.

Walk It Out

I know it can be tempting to try and get one big work out in a day but during the colder months it's better to move more often with less intensity. Make going for a walk outside part of how you transition from one activity to the next. My favorite times to walk are after my morning meditation, before lunch, after dinner and anytime I'm frustrated or anxious. My partner, Lucas, and I also use walks to connect and brainstorm our next adventure.

Add Citrus To Everything

If you open my fridge and look in the door, you will always find a cut lemon or lime. I add citrus to almost every meal and even my water. Soups, grain bowls and salads come alive (and even some smoothies) and bring a flavorful punch to your mouth. Not only does it taste good, but the citrus helps balance the pH level in your gut and keeps stomach aches and bloating to a minimum.

Oil Your Feet Before Bed

The most luxurious habit for last. Oil each foot with a nickel size amount of carrier oil (like jojoba, sesame, shea, coconut, etc.) and put on cotton socks before snuggling into the sheets. The air during winter is dry and cold so you need opposite qualities to bring balance to your body. Oil is heavy and warm and brings a big dose of hydration that travels up your body while you sleep. It is also calming and can help you fall asleep. So fluff your nest, oil your feet and rest deeply.