6 Signs You Need A Cleanse

Check in with yourself. How are you feeling in your body? Close your eyes and scan from head to toe. Notice anywhere that feels out of sorts or where your energy could use a refresh.

It all starts here. Awareness.

Every spring, when the snow begins to melt and temperatures begin to rise, our bodies and minds are in need of a reboot to clear out any stagnation, inflammation, moisture, and heaviness that accumulated from the winter. This a wonderful time of year to cleanse/detox.

So, how do you know if you need a cleanse? Let's define what a cleanse is first.

What is a cleanse?

A cleanse is a window of time (anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks) to let your digestion rest to remove harmful environmental toxins, undigested food, unresolved emotional baggage, stress, excess fat, and anything else the body and mind need to slough off. It is the practice of minimizing any inputs that restrict the body and mind from repairing itself from the inside out and adding in practices and food that provide an optimal environment for refreshed health. This can look like many different approaches and is not restricted to harsh fasting.

Why should I cleanse?

The body is incredibly intelligent but our world is overly toxic. You might eat well, exercise regularly, take supplements, and go to bed early, but the ratio of stressors going in to what's coming out is still off set. In our bodies attempt to "digest it all" toxicity settles into tissue and weak parts of the body and mind begin to compromise your overall health. Having consecutive days or weeks in a row where you cleanse allow the body to heal and repair itself help balance your whole system.

How do I know if I need to cleanse?

It can be confusing to know if, when, how, and why you should cleanse. Let's break down your bodies biggest signals that you are in need of a cleanse.

#1 You are always tired and sleep sucks

#2 You wake up puffy and often get bloated

#3 You crave carbs and sugar throughout the day

#4 It's hard to concentrate and focus

#5 You can't lose weight that sits around your midsection

#6 Chronic inflammation has you feeling defeated

You want more for your health and habits but the idea of cleansing seems like too much work, intimidating, and you're worried you might fail. The beautiful part is you don't have to figure out your cleanse plan on your own. April is a time to refresh and reset your body and I lead a 2-week cleanse that will dissolve those 6 signs in a supportive and loving community. I have all the tools, resources, and knowledge to guide you through a successful cleanse.

Claim your spot here to chat with me about your desire to do a cleanse. I'd be so happy to help you navigate questions and concerns you may have and make sure you'll be ready to cleanse by the end of April.

Here is an additional resource A Traditional Ayurvedic Cleanse to learn more about cleansing in a safe and gentle way.