A Moment of Reflection

I could sense my body waking up. The air was colder and the fire had burned out. I rolled over in my two sleeping bags and adjusted my head cover to stay in a warm cocoon just a little bit longer.The darkness of night was retreating.

The quiet strength of a new day builds strength as the sun rises from dawn. I knew if I got up and threw on my boots and a warm coat, the world outside my tent wouldn't disappoint.

I unzipped the canvas flap to towering snow covered pines, clear skies and the sound of rushing water in the nearby creek. My heart lifted and I turned back to grab the camera. Walking down to the creek I stared at the water and assessed all the different shades of blue and white. The ankle deep snow felt soft under my feet; it snowed another 3 inches.

The light became brighter and suddenly the tips of the pines were soaked in pure sunrise. I smiled and snapped a photo. I meandered a bit father along the creek and eventually turned back, doing my best to savor the moment and be present in such a powerful part of the day.

Having time and space to reflect brought me to the present moment. All of my senses were activated, my soul was at peace and my mind was calm. I was reminded of what is truly important to me and I could feel it become deeply engrained in my subconscious.

As I walked away, I remembered to turn back and say thank you.