Become Grounded To Feel Calm and Alive

As I hiked my last few steps up the gorge with a full pack and very ready for lunch, it was a relief to see the car and my fat bike still on the rack. I smiled and looked around, seeing no one and very happy with my decision to solo camp in Redwood National Park.

Belly full, I laid on the matted grass in the warming sun and stretched out my toes from the confines of my boots and rolled up my sleeves, beginning to playback my adventure.

I noticed I felt quite grounded. I wasn't excessively worrying about later tasks, I was tuned in to what was happening around me.

I was living more from my heart and less from my mind.

Knowing I was about to hop in the car and transition to another work week and that I might loose the balance I've gained, I asked myself the question: how can I bring this home?

The answer? Keep staying grounded. Keep Earthing.

The practice of earthing or grounding is fully being present in your body and or feeling connected to the earth.

But we can't always be on a nature vacation to reset from the scattered energy of modern living.

You could benefit from earthing if you mentally feel spacey, anxious, emotionally fried, distracted or overstimulated. You could benefit if you physically experience fatigue, inflammation and poor sleep or circulation.

Here are some ways to receive being grounded from the earth and balance your mind and body; whether you're outside or in.

  • Walk in the woods, play in the sand, swim in a lake or sit next to a tree. It's scientifically proven to calm emotions and nerves, awaken your senses, decrease anxiety and inflammation and improve sleep. Also known as Forest Bathing.

  • Connect your body with earth's surface electrons by sleeping on the ground (Pssst! Go camping.)

  • Be inside with house plants and or sit on the floor next to a wood stove.

  • Touch a flower, rock/crystal, the ground or bark on a tree. Feel the texture with your hands and notice all the colors. Gardening anyone?

  • Stand or sit and take off your shoes and socks and place your feet on the earth. Too cold outside? Place your bare feet near a fire and gently massage them with your hands.

  • Practice tree pose. Yes, stand tall like a tree and feel the crown of your head lift towards the sky while your tailbone roots down. Feel each toe pad firmly against the ground.

  • Place your hand on your head for 30 seconds.

  • Wrap yourself in a warm, weighted blanket with a warm drink.

  • Take a cold shower and breathe!

Compared to the earth, you are a smaller energy source. Tap into the "mothership" and rely less on motivation and synthetic remedies to feel yourself in your own body.

If you have an interest in learning more about the science behind earthing I recommend this Grounding Guide by Scott Jeffrey.

With Grounded Energy,