Create a Sacred Space; Inside and Out

The art of living with few physical possessions has been a way of life for me. I've lived in a dorm, tent, car, studio, other people's homes (many), sailboat and now a tiny house.

My previous test moving from place to place was to make sure all of my belongings could fit in my car. If it didn't fit, it didn't come. I've never owned a TV or furniture and currently operate as a one care family. Whenever I do laundry these days, a third of my closet is empty.

I've always noticed there's a correlation between less stuff; small home = more rad life experiences. I'd much rather camp and surf for the weekend than do yard work, mow the lawn and paint the garage door. It brings happiness and freedom to visit friends and family and accumulate memorable experiences.

But what is the relationship between owning less stuff, having a simple living space and your health?

As I continue to journey into my Fall cleanse, I notice a successful cleanse includes more than just eliminating certain foods, drinks and screen time. It's an opportunity to refresh your home and create space by removing items that don't bring value and joy to your life.

Inspired by the book The Life Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo as well as by my teacher Cate Stillman with YogaHealer, I'd like to share how your physical body benefits from deep cleaning your living space.

Check your overall living atmosphere. Does it match how you want to feel on the inside?

Before you start, stand in the heart of your home and notice what emotions arise. Do these match your current state of health? If you feel overwhelmed and heavy, does that correlate to your body? No need to judge, just notice and take note.

When you declutter on the outside, it's much easier to detox on the inside.

Pick three words to visualize how you want to feel in your body. Mine are light, green and cool (temperature). Think about how you can reflect that in your home. I've been tending to my house plants, I keep cooling colors, like white and pale blue, out on the couch and bed and I keep the windows open to keep fresh air flowing in. My fridge is usually stocked with green vegetables and I make sure Tiny is organized. Bring your words alive in each room of your home.

A clean and aired living space sends a message to your body to do the same.

Pick a day and tidy all at once. Rearrange furniture, go through all your food, then your closet, even go out to your car. Organize by category and determine if each item "sparks joy." Your external environment sends countless messages to your brain and body about the condition they should also be in. If the room is messy, your signal for when to sleep and or how to eat might be blurry.

Break old eating and thinking patterns and get unstuck.

When you have an item in your hand that doesn't light you up and you're not totally convinced you need it, don't put it back! Your body wisdom is wonderfully intelligent. Listen. This is so similar to instinctually eating. When eating slowly and undistracted, your body will tell you if this is the food it needs for deep nourishment.

Create rhythm and simplicity on the outside and you will feel refreshed on the inside.

With Love,