Cultivate Abundant Energy

I often get asked how to feel less anxious, what to eat for lunch, how to get motivated to workout and have a stronger body. There's isn't one right way to do anything health related because as similar as we all are, it depends on your body/mind type, what your commitment level is, your current behaviors and what you want to achieve.

I used to believe telling people what to do was how you changed someone. Trust me, that one took a while to figure out, but now I've come to understand a big piece of the puzzle. What is the same for all of us, is aligning your core behaviors, like sleep, food, movement and mindset, with nature's laws of energy (also known as the Ayurveda time clock).

Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, breaks up the 24 hours cycle into 4 hour windows that correlate with the energy doshas. Align your actions and you can experience a deep reserve of bright, stable, and vibrant energy.

Kapha energy goes down 6-10, am and pm.

Properties are heavy and dense so instead of eating a heavy breakfast, make it light. Wind down your day, change into your pj's, make a warm drink an hour before bed to deep rest. Go to sleep before 10pm and your energies will go down together. Be aware of your second wind!

Pitta energy goes up 10-2, am and pm.

When the sun is highest in the sky, so is your digestion. Have your biggest meal at lunch with sufficient fat, protein, greens and fiber. Tackle your daily movement and productivity items during this part of the day.

Vata energy goes in all directions 2-6, am and pm.

Feeling spacious and full of ideas will come during Vata times of day. Rise with the sun at or before 6am to feel energized for the rest of the day. Rest electronics and tap into your creativity to support your mental health.

Mimic nature and you will increase your daily energy. Go against the rhythms and you'll experience stress.