Don't Aim For Perfect

Having the bar too high can really get in the way of progress. I should know. I'm currently in conflict with the title of this blog post.....

I've struggled with waves of perfectionism throughout my life but it has really reared its ugly head while building a wellness business this past year. And especially when I put this website together.

The amount of times I had designed and organized the content, recreated it, picked it apart and ultimately never put it out there are too many to count. I never stopped and asked, "Why am I being so hard on myself?"

In the head space of reaching for the ultimate wellness coaching website, I end up going around, around and around and couldn't land. I became anxious, disconnected from the intended goal and lost sight of the horizon.

With multiple mentors and friends holding me accountable, a whole lotta grit and sincerely wanting to help people improve their health, the needle of my compass started to move.

The website was coming together, but then it was time to launch, and really put myself out there. I had to learn to let go and not worry about what others would think and prioritize how many people I would support and inspire.

Here's how I shifted and how you can too.

Reconnect with your authentic and raw self.

Be real, not perfect.

Take ACTION! Even a tiny step.

This is the formula that led me around all those ridiculous standards I had for myself. And damn it feels good! It's an ongoing struggle but the roadblocks are smaller and more visible.

If you tap into your authentic self, align your bigger why and follow through with ACTION, perfectionism will loosen its grip. Reach out to a friend for support and celebrate yourself after a win!

Where does perfectionism show up for you?

It may be the foods you choose to eat or don't eat, how often you exercise, your quality of work, what you mark off on your daily to-do list, how you think of others perception of you, or your body image.

No matter what is, it's possible to reorient yourself towards balance, being real and taking a small action step. Revisit the formula above and I'd love to hear how you are moving through to your more authentic self.

With Love,