Express Gratitude and Love to Stay Connected

Dear Friend,

It's been an unpredictable year. I would have never guessed that this would be our reality back in spring. But here we are taking one day at a time and realizing this isn't going to be over anytime soon.

I have been challenged in more ways than one and I know you have, too. Daily life is more restricted, the news makes my head hurt and work life looks a bit different (I should probably change my Yoga pants now). Sometimes I wake up early and stare at the ceiling and can feel my to-do list creep to the surface.

Being a positive person, there have been days where I need to stop expanding and simply feel the pain, uncertainty, sadness and rage. It sucks in the moment but it always feels better to move through emotions and whisper what I'm thankful for.

And then it happens. A rush of love sweeps over my body and I suddenly have the urge to call a friend or family member. "Ya, I know. We shouldn't get together for Thanksgiving, but I really want to. Who's going to eat all my gluten-free stuffing?"

To sit around a table with amazing people, nourishing food, quality conversation and a stellar view has never been more appealing than when you shouldn't partake. It just makes me all the more grateful for what I have experienced and will have again. I know the same is true for you.

Wherever you are reading this, pause and close your eyes. Take a breath in and then let it out.

How can you express gratitude today? Who could benefit from your love and attention?

These two elements connect us. Across the street, across the internet and across the world. Connection is the glue that will keep us level headed and comforted when we have days of doubt.

Ways to Stay Connected

  • Send a letter (snail mail style) and doodle on the inside.

  • Call a friend or family member, just to say hello.

  • Share a favorite song with a neighbor and blast it out your window. *Be courteous

  • Stay calm when someone else needs a moment to unfurl.

  • Say hello and wave while you're outside for a walk/run/bike ride.

  • Host a Zoom game night or happy hour.

  • Maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself!

I am incredibly grateful for you. Thank you for your support as I put this website together. Thank you for listening to me describe my coaching course and how it will transform others' lives. Thank you for your feedback after a free wellness event and being excited to try out a new habit. Thanks for reading this blog. It is one way I like to stay connected with you.

You are resilient, lovable and strong. Your spirit expands through adversity and illuminates when the sun rises.

I can't wait until we can hug again.

With Love,