Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable for Your Longevity

Don't worry, I'm not going to "make you" jump in a cold river as winter thaws. For this blog post, I want you to consider how comfortable you are on a daily basis in your body and mind. Are you set in your routines and any change throws you off? Or are you open to flexing your boundaries every now and then to expand your thinking and habits to allow your health to flourish as a result?

Let me break down what I mean.

As we've evolved, so have our inventions. The warmth of a furnace, the glow of a light bulb, the click of a button to send an email, and the convenience of a grocery store - they all (plus many more) have made our existence more comfortable and easy. These technologies were designed to solve a problem, to make life less complicated at a faster rate.

A brisk plunge in the Smith river may be tough in the moment but the rush of feel good hormones directly after and the connection with nature lures me in every time.

The more conveniences you have, the more uncomfortable you are when you don't have them. Like waiting for a check to cash, waiting for your new Prana sweater to come in the mail, or waiting for those pimples to disappear because you started using a new face wash. Which seems great on the outside but some of your modern tools don't benefit the physical body and our health suffers in the long run.

Getting out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. Many of our technologies are indirectly making us lazy and our health gets the short end of the stick. When given the choice, it's easier to pick the more comfortable choice, like a warm shower over a cold shower, but if you make micro adjustments, over time the vibrancy of your body, mind, and life will experience positive compounding effects.

There's a balance in all of this. Small steps are encouraged so you aren't too uncomfortable all the time. Seek out pleasure and instant gratification in habits that you aren't stoked about but know you'll be reap the health perks. The great part is doing a small habit over time becomes easier, and with consistency, no one can stop you. Not even yourself. :)

Ways to slowly practice being uncomfortable with big health benefits for longevity:

  • Have bigger gaps of time in between your meals

  • Wear a lighter jacket as spring emerges and let your body acclimate to cool/damp temperatures

  • Turn off electronics 2 hours before bed and do nothing (aka relaxation)

  • Turn the water temperature to cold for the last 20 seconds of your shower

  • Don't eat until your stuffed

  • Set up a standing desk and take numerous body breaks from computer time

  • Reach out to the person in your life to have that necessary conversation

  • Don't compare yourself to others, get stoked about YOUR journey

  • Wake up before the sun and don't hit snooze

  • Practice 1 minute of mediation - you can do it, sit still

  • Drink so much water in the morning before breakfast you feel like an ocean

  • Decide your a badass don't underestimate how amazing you are