Get Fired Up to Workout Again

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Let's start with a reality check: Consistent motivation to workout everyday is hard to come by. It naturally ebs and flows and yet we think that we should have boundless interest to swing a kettlebell or go for run. For some nutty reason, motivation has become the focus and only source if a workout happens or not.

But there are more pieces to the puzzle.

You wake up with solid intentions to get in a sweat session before breakfast, which turns into lunch, then dinner. Suddenly the day is coming to a close and you weren't able to get in a workout and you blame low motivation, not enough time, or energy.

It's time to get fired up about working out again!

Humans are designed to move everyday. Period. Sitting has become a serious threat to our health and further perpetuates the cycle of being stagnant. Read more in the article The Dangers of Sitting: Why Sitting is the New Smoking

I have a big passion for moving my body so here are 5 strategies to get fired up about working out everyday that has nothing to do with motivation.

Simplify your approach

Don't overthink this. You're intentionally moving your body to activate muscles, get your heart pumping, and clear you head. It doesn't need to be a long duration of time either, 20-30 minutes is effective. Also, keep it fun! Remember how easy it was to go play outside and run around as kid? Channel those memories. What activity actually sounds like a good time? A brisk morning walk with your dog? Taking a dance class or bustin' a move in the house? Biking to the grocery store? Stretching on a mat? Chasing your kids/grandkids? If your approach is too complicated or you're not excited, simplify and try again.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress can seem like extra work but when your wellness feels like this elusive goal in the ether, it's helpful to have mini goals within your big goal. Break down your days with this simple workout chart and watch your progress. It's a great accountability piece and gives you something to physically check off. That's satisfying! There are also great workout tracker apps but I gravitate towards pen and paper. Which do you prefer?

Vacation mode

We all push ourselves too hard. Yep, I said it because it's true. Never feeling like you're doing enough, strong enough, or slim enough. When you push too hard, you're often fighting against what your mind and body need and want and the tension grows.


Take a step back and take a break. This isn't being lazy but rather redirecting your focus towards what YOU want and not what a magazine or social media is telling you to do. Wait until you crave movement again and get back in the driver seat of your body.

Train with a friend

2 really is more fun than 1. Most of us struggle with solo motivation but when you add a friend in the mix, now you have the support to make sure you both show up. You've not only made a commitment to yourself but to someone else.

Connect with a friend in person to walk/run/bike to an afternoon outing. Text a friend after a basement lifting session saying you did it! Join a gym, yoga studio or, better yet, sign up for a race to have a big carrot to train for.

We all get one body. Let's stay fit together.