Home Remedies to Relieve Body Aches and Tiredness

No matter how hard you try to keep sickness, exhaustion, and body aches at bay eventually they find you. You might try to convince yourself that you don't really need to slow down but I'm here to remind you again (gently) that it's winter! The season to rest and slow down.

As easy as it is to turn to pharmaceuticals, push through the discomfort of body aches, convince yourself that you're not really that sick, or hope that your exhaustion will just melt away over night, the fatigue will persistent until you address deeper needs within the body and mind.

It is always my excitement to lovingly share the most fundamental ways to get to the root of how the body functions best. Below are the top home remedies to relieve body aches and tiredness during winter.

Stay warm

This should go without saying in the winter but sometimes we need a nudge. Wear cozy, non-restrictive clothes throughout the day. Keep your feet, neck, feet, and hands toasty weather your inside or outside. When you maintain a consistent, internal temperature your body can better handle fatigue and discomfort. It also calms the mind and keeps your immune system up to ward off infection and viruses.

Absorb sunshine on your face

Get some vitamin D! Be a flower and stand or sit in the sunshine for a minimum for 15 minutes a day. Even if you're all bundled up for the cold, get a few rays everyday. This could happen at your lunch break, walking slower to and from your car, or working near a window. Aim for the middle of the day between 10am and 2pm to brighten your body and boost your mind. Don't have a lot of sunshine where you live? Still go outside midday and breathe in the fresh air. More sunshine passes through the clouds than you think.

Follow a schedule and include breaks

We thrive in winter with a routine and predictability. So much of tiredness we feel is from over doing it. Physically, mentally, emotionally, all of it. DO LESS. Aim for 3 big tasks/projects to do in the day. That's it. You're doing enough.

Plan your day the night before and schedule in breaks (notice that breaks is plural). Have you ever penciled in your downtime? If not, it's life changing. When I glance at my calendar and see my morning walk, lunch, movement, and "pencils down" to end the work day, it brings my energy up and brings a smile to my face. Oh thank goodness, there's time to chill. :)

Stretch for 5 minutes in the morning and night

Most often the answer to body aches and tiredness is to rest but to keep good blood circulation and oxygen levels to your brain and muscles, a little movement is necessary. It will actually give a boost in energy and elevate your mood when you're not feeling great. Stretching first thing and before bed is the most ideal movement to offset the a stiff and exhausted body. Check out my video 7 Soothing Yoga Poses for Sound Sleep for ideas.

Drink this winter smoothie

One of my favorite parts about winter is the change in my drink options. Heavy, sweet, warm drinks take the stage and replace cold fruit/veggie smoothies. And as much as I love tea, it's not the most grounding drink out there when I'm tired. Try making this spiced, nut milk smoothie with dates and ghee. This drink/small meal will literally warm you from the inside out, calm the racing mind before bed, and provide balancing spices and fat to achey muscles. Ayurvedic drinks are incredibly satiating not only to the body, but to the mind. It's been an easy switch when you taste and feel the difference.

Get in bed

Your most loyal remedy that will never fail - even if you get poor sleep. Lay in bed! When you wind down early, put away screens, dim the lights, and cozy up in warm bed. Your entire being has a chance to recharge. Your body kicks into repair mode and has a chance to decrease inflammation. Not convinced? Read more in this article An Ayurvedic Guide to Balanced Sleep. Also, don't shy away from a 15 minute cat nap in the middle of the day if you can get it.

Happy Winter!