How Emotions Affect Your Physical Body

I have a dilemma with the mainstream health and wellness industry, which by the way, is a multi-billion dollar industry. You are constantly being told that the problem you have can be solved with the next diet, skincare product, pill or exercise routine. Be it loosing weight, getting better sleep, being more flexible or cracking your addiction to sugar.

It's simply not true.

There's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing to fix.

You're already whole and beautiful.

I hope you truly believe that. You are already whole. You are luminous, inside and out. But if you don't feel this way, let me connect the dots between emotions and how you feel physically in your body.

When you fundamentally feel you are flawed, missing something, stressed or upset, physical symptoms arise and can get blown out of proportion and your emotions match that energy. What you think is what you experience and then often become your beliefs about yourself.

You design your reality.

Poor mental health correlates to chronic physical conditions and a poor physical health is linked to imbalanced emotions. It's a two way street.

Over the last 4 weeks I could progressively feel my neck, shoulders and upper back getting tense and tight. At first, I thought maybe I had been on the computer more than usual? Then I realized that it was actually the building election and the reality of the next 4 years. I mentally blocked the heavy emotions of denial, fear and frustration that came with this reality and it got stuffed away into the hard and vulnerable corners of my body. My neck, shoulders and upper back.

It wasn't until this weekend where I could deeply take a breath and recognize how I was torturing myself.

Can you think of where your emotions get channeled physically in your body?

The approach can feel a bit like the chicken and the egg. Do you address your emotions or your physical body first? What intuitively feels good to you? The body knows best.

Here are some wonderful ways to align your emotional and physical body:

  • When it's dark start to wind down and go to bed early

  • Close down the kitchen and kick the late night snack habit

  • Wake up with the sun and drink a warm glass of water

  • Move your body + breathe before starting your day

  • Eat whole foods and your biggest meal at lunch

  • Create space in your day to sit in silence

  • Massage oil on your body

  • Increase love and connection with yourself and others

My biggest desire is for you to reclaim your emotional and physical health. It is lying quietly under the surface and only your attention, love and fire will transform your life. Your body and mind lean towards being vibrant and alive. Create your environment through your intention and positive, calm emotions and a balanced physical body will arise.