How I Stay Balanced Through the Holiday Season

Last year I did some internal work around old beliefs I had about the holidays that were causing me a fair amount of anxiety. I was feeling stuck and flustered about giving gifts, money and what I thought my family expected of me. It had built up slowly over time in my own head and was really getting in the way of truly enjoying the holidays for what they were. All I wanted was to give experiences or consumables, spend quality time together, and share joy.

Thankfully my mentor, Cate, was able to redirect my thinking and disassemble those old beliefs. I stumbled around my words but once I moved through the shame, I was left with beautifully written, new values that lifted the anxiety last holiday season and is so far doing the same this year.

Here are a handful of those new beliefs to stay balanced and focused on what counts.

"I believe a photo of my family (heart centered), agate, crystal (grounded) and a succulent (uplifted) nearby keep my senses fulfilled."

"I believe relationships are to be nourished during the holidays."

"I believe I can communicate with my family about how I want to give gifts."

"I believe I have what money can't buy." (Quality time, experience and joy)

"I believe I can contribute healthy food to meals that are both beautiful and satisfying."

"I believe my health is to be cared for during the holidays; it's not a free for all."

"I believe my sleep is just as important during the holidays than any other day."

"I believe I can create new traditions and ways I celebrate with my family."

"I believe I can bounce back fast to my habits and routines during the holidays."

"I believe being outside, music and fires are the best ways to stay in the present moment."

Although some of these are not congruent with COVID times, there is a lot of wisdom to take from these statements and reflect on your own values. What is important to you this holiday season? How will you adapt and stay flexible with your family to stay safe but still keep the joy alive?

When you are clear on those, I promise, the anxiety will subside.

Happy Winter!