How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

The habit of eating a well balanced diet on the road can be a tough one, but luckily, you're talking to the Queen of "eat amazing wherever you are." If it's a shared dinner while camping, needing a last minute lunch on the road with limited options, or feeling extra tempted by yummy treats - I got you.

There's no need to sacrifice your routine just because you left home base. Travel should be fun and exciting to try new things but also be in integrity with your goals and overall wellness. That's why I'm sharing my favorites ways to eat well while traveling.

Like most sustainable habits, it starts with mindset and having a non-restrictive attitude. Often when we hit the road and it's easy to let yourself off the hook and eat whatever. Which is fun for the first two days until you feel like shit.

Let's update our habits. Shall we?

Know your gas station and grocery store go-to's

I have a preset list of items that I will buy from a gas station or (better yet) a grocery store so I'm less likely to stroll around and have some processed food to jump out at me. Although I rarely snack these days, these items could be apart of a great lunch. I keep a knife, fork, and spoon in the car.

  • hard boiled eggs (2-pack)

  • raw nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts, cashews or pumpkin seeds)

  • hummus with carrots, cucumber, and avocado

  • vitamin water zero (sugar free)

  • seaweed or lightly salted popcorn

  • apples or berries

  • banana with almond butter

  • pickles or green olives (comes in a packs)

  • dark chocolate or kettle chips

Plot your meals BEFORE you're super hungry

It's 11am and I'm not hungry (yet) but I will look up on my phone for the closest Chipotle while zooming down the highway. If I can find a local spot with similar food, even better. Rice, beans and veggies (with lots of guac) is a good meal on the road that is vegan and gluten friendly. They key is to know your lunch or dinner spot BEFORE you get hungry. Do a little research and relax until your destination.

Drink water and ditch sugary drinks

In between meals simply drink water. Have a big water bottle in the car, hotel, or at the home of whom ever your'e visiting and keep it full. Limit juices, soda, and sugary coffee drinks that confuse your hunger hormones and contribute to easy weight gain. If I need a little pick me up, I add a Nuun hydrating tab to my water or have tea with soy milk and honey.

Plan ahead with your travel buddies

In the photo above, my friend Elliot, Lucas and I all collaborated for dinners on our recent stand up paddle board trip. Elliot took one evening with a classic broccoli pad thai and I made mediterranean white rice dish with zucchini, tomatoes, and walnuts. It takes a little planning, but once you're out traveling it's so relaxing to not worry about what each meal will be because you already decided, plus who's going to make it!

Treat yourself midday

I've shared this tip before but having your dessert or special treat at lunch and not with dinner makes a huge difference in your gut health and digestion. Remember, digestion is the key to longevity and vibrant energy. Besides, who wouldn't want a cookie or gummy worms midday? It's a guilt-free way to enjoy yourself and still feel really good.