Let's Grow Together

Sitting cross legged on my DIY couch in Tiny, with smokey skies and promising sun, I calmly start typing with a little smile on my face.

Who am I? And in Michelle Obama's words, who am I becoming?

Well, for starters, I'm a Midwest girl. Having grown up in the Chicago suburbs I love

Forest preserves

Lake Michigan

Bike riding

Deep dish pizza

Traffic (kidding)


Family nearby

Live music


Camp fires

As an adult, I've become a very similar version of my younger self and love similar things, except now, thanks to headgear and braces, my teeth are straight.

What has changed are my experiences. I've accumulated years of wilderness travel. I co-designed and built my tiny house with my partner, Lucas. And I discovered my life purpose to help people unearth their instinctual health through group wellness coaching.

But why am I writing here? Why a blog?

Honestly, the little voice inside kept whispering. In fact, the whispering turned into shouting.

Sounds silly, but it's true.

The word share has come up strong from my intuition but it has taken me a year to understand what and how I should share because I didn't want this to just be another health blog that says, "drink lemon water every morning" (which you should do).

Now I know it means to share my story including my wellness journey, tiny house living, outdoor adventures AND hold space for your story. To explore together what it means to be successful, healthy, happy and balanced.

I want to grow and evolve with you through sharing and reflecting on our stories and creating a strong vision of the future.

So, my intention for this blog is for you to see yourself in these weekly letters. I'll sprinkle in takeaways to improve your wellness and expand more on the why behind each Tiny Tip (signup for my newsletter, it's short 'n' sweet), but mostly....

This is a place for you to





Connect Heal


If you have a big heart, sometimes eat too much sugar, love the outdoors, live simply, get confused about your path, feel motivated, a life-long learner, care deeply about others and the Earth and don't always brush your hair...

Welcome home.

With Love,