Permission To Have Fun

Rolling up to the campground in Coos Bay, Oregon I could already smell the salt water in the air. With the car full of camping gear and surf boards strapped to the roof rack, I was eager to play in the waves and relax under the stars.

During the couple hour drive, I let reality sink in. There were historic wildfires that swept through the Rogue Valley this past week and the aftermath of lingering smoke (categorized as "hazardous") was heavy and forced everyone to remain indoors.

In the middle of it all, I had a moment of panic and packed what I would take with me at a moments notice if flames were headed towards Tiny. I called my sister and a friend and cried it out.

Then I took a breath.

I then realized it was time to find blue skies and let go.

But I felt a hesitation.

Shouldn't I be volunteering more in my community? Why do I feel guilty for wanting to drive to the coast and find some balance? Maybe I should wait out the smoke at home?

Have you ever experienced this? The transition from intensity and challenge to a more lighthearted space came along with a string of questions around when it was OK to stop worrying and unpack myself.

The universal law contraction and expansion came to mind. It was time to expand my mind and body.

So, I want to lovingly remind you that you can give yourself permission to have fun. Expand. Yes, you can. Open your heart.

Sending the Good Vibes,