Phrases to Redirect Thoughts When You're in a Funk

Often what we say to ourselves when things aren't going well can be quite negative and degrading. You missed a call with a friend, you didn't follow through on a workout, or you ate when you weren't hungry and the volume on your negative thoughts get turned up.

The flow of your day can get thrown off and leave you feeling deflated and wondering how you can take back the unkind self-talk and shift the energy to a more positive one.

It all starts with your thoughts! What are the phrases and stories you say when you're in a funk? Before you can make the next move, like breathing for 10 seconds and having a glass of water, you have to think it first.

Because our internal worlds can always use a refreshing boost, here are loving phrases to redirect your thoughts.

Ok, say these with me.....

"I always have enough time for the things, people and places I love. I am the creator of time."

"The healthy lifestyle I crave is not a destination to reach, it is the next habit I put into action."

"If I go to bed early, I will feel better tomorrow and have amazing energy."

"Saying no to something doesn't mean I don't care. It shows that I know my boundaries and passions."

"I eat when I'm hungry and limit snacking to optimize my digestion."

"Conflicts are not fun or comfortable but I choose clear communication, respect, and an open mind to resolve the issue."

"Going outside is the best reset button."

"I am ready to receive all the kick-ass opportunities that are coming my way."

"But first, self-care. I love to support my body, mind, and spirit with simple habits everyday."

"I choose to see the humor in it all because Natalie says taking my health too seriously is ridiculous and a waste of time."

"I will repeat the previous phrase everyday."

"I love you."