Physical and Virtual Communities

When I think back to when I have felt my best self, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually....all of them, I've been with a group of people who are motivated and moving towards the same goal.

As a kid, that looked like team sports, clubs, family and school. But how do we find those groups of people as an adult? I've discovered it's not so easy! Moving to a new town or switching jobs, it can take a year or two to truly get settled and feel like you found your people.

It's been a little over a year since I moved to Ashland, Oregon and last night when I came home Lucas and two friends were sitting outside Tiny, playing music with a full spread of snacks and drinks, talking loudly over each other and laughing at everything. The biggest smile came across my face. I love these three! They didn't leave for another couple hours and by the time I went to bed, my cup had sufficiently been filled with quality time with friends.

The next day I went to work at school where students are "enjoying" distance learning with staff teaching from their empty classrooms. Very bizarre. Although we are socially distant and wearing masks, I spend part of my week with my coworkers whom I respect and love dearly. And yet again, my cup is filled by teaching and problem solving alongside such an amazing crew.

The last two communities I've most recently discovered have taken me by surprise, mostly because they're both online. YogaHealer, my health coaching certification program, connects me with hundreds of wellness professionals all around the world and has proven you can truly learn and connect over the internet.

The other community is my coaching course, Body Align, that has already taken on a life of its own with seven women bringing each other's wellness to another level. There have been some amazing transformations happening. Less trouble sleeping, better digestion, losing weight, less stress and more energy. We are learning how to meditate, practice self-compassion and reset our bodies natural rhythms.

Power of the group. Energy doesn't care about a computer screen. It can transcend any medium.

So ask yourself, who are you surrounding yourself with? Who are your physical and virtual communities. Winter is coming and I lovingly urge you to have both.

((Big Hug))