Practical Habits To Have On The Road

Many of us are beginning to travel with the arrival of warmer weather, spring break, and the increase of COVID vaccinations.

After becoming home bodies for the last year, I'm sure you've dialed in some of your habits and might be worried how you'll keep up those new practices once you hit the road.

Time away from your home base, even for a weekend, can be a great opportunity to test the waters and see how your healthy habits withstand uncertain situations. Like when someone wants to order out and you still want to cook at home or your friends want to stay up a while longer around the campfire but you're eager to crawl into bed early.

Gearing up for my bikepacking trip in the coastal redwoods in California

The reality is you can't bring all your habits on the road and perform them in the same way. Something has to give, otherwise your travels become a drag and you will often feel defeated. Travel should be fun and full of spontaneity! Not an orchestrated set of rules to follow.

Here are my favorite habits that I bring with me, no matter if I'm visiting family or camping in the woods, to stay balanced and refreshed.

Carry a water bottle

Refill and carry a water bottle with you everywhere. Buying drinks at the gas station are often filled with added sugars you don't need and the extra plastic is no good for mother earth. You're less likely to snack when you're hydrated and your skin will be glowing from the inside out.

Eat dessert with lunch

Being in "vacation mode" can lead to eating more sugar, salt, and processed foods than normal, plus more alcohol. I'm all for letting loose but eventually the fun aspect of having a cheat day for multiple days in a row can make you feel sick. Having a special dessert midday (versus dinner) allows your body to digest heavy ingredients more effectively and you'll experience less guilt around enjoying your treat.

Wake up naturally

I'll admit, this is a new one for me but it feels really good. By not having an alarm your body has a chance to rest and reset your internal clock. When you truly relax and set down your phone you often become more tired. The best thing to do is lean into that fatigue and sleep. You just might wake up with the sun.

Meditate outside before breakfast

This one is easy to overlook and think it's unnecessary but taking a moment to become present every morning will keep anxiety and stress down for the remainder of the day.

I often finish drinking my warm water, walk outside, sit or stand in the fresh air and notice what's around me. I smell the air, listen to the birds, and watch the wind blow through the trees. With no particular thought I remain still until I've noticed my attention has gone from my head to my body. I share gratitude and ease back into the rest of my morning.

Wear comfortable clothes

Be ready for anything in active yet cozy clothes. In and out of the car or plane can make you feel stiff and stagnant but taking mini body breaks like a few lunges and toe touches can get your circulation flowing again. Keep in movin' for a happy and healthy body!

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