A 30-minute Morning Routine for Summer Vacation

We are in the heart of summer time and it feels good! With longer days and a change in our schedules, many of us are traveling, staying up later and seeing more friends and family. With all the excitement, not being home and the extra energy needed to socialize, it's easy to feel depleted and a bit off your morning routine.

It's totally fine for your morning rituals to look different in a new physical environment but wouldn't it be nice to feel balanced on vacation and have a blast? That way you don't have to "diet" upon returning home or start a new workout regimen. Yes, please.

Laying out my morning items while gearing up for another day on the bike

I am more and more convinced that the "all or nothing" mindset gets in the way of enjoying vacation and feeling amazing in your body and mind. You can have both! A short, yet impactful, morning time to practice a few habits will allow you to align your desire to have a great time and not feel like shit when you drive home.

Here are 5 quick morning habits that should take you no longer than 30 minutes.

Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue

Before breakfast? Yes. Here's why. While you're sleeping, your body goes into cleanse mode and moves toxins towards the "exits" and your mouth is one of them. Morning breath shows up on your tongue and is waiting to be cleaned with a tongue scraper. Just a few firm drags to eliminate gunk so you won't swallow the toxins that were pushed to the surface overnight.

Drink a big glass of room temperature water

Now that your mouth is cleaned, next comes water. Again, you've been sleeping all night and naturally wake up dehydrated and in need of a full body flush to assist elimination. Give your body as much water as you can swallow down. I end up drinking about 20 oz. This helps pressurize and move any stagnant energy and toxins. If you are a devoted coffee or tea drinker, have a cup after water. It activates your digestion and helps you absorb nutrients in later meals.

Have a seat on the pot

Go to the bathroom after your glass of water and hopefully you'll have a good poop. The water should help move everything downward. Energy in the morning also goes down so nature is on your side when in the bathroom.

Noticing the theme of the last 3 habits? It's all about elimination and tending to the physical body. Wake up the body then wake up the mind. Do your best to resist the urge to look at electronics, wait until you've done your morning routine.

Go outside and move your body

It's time for some fresh air and shaking out stiff or negative energy. Step outside for gentle movement to manage anxiety and the "to do" list. Grab your morning drink and head out for a short walk. Maybe you feel like stretching on the back porch. Better yet, bring a buddy for 10 minutes and embrace the start of a new day while rotating each of your joints.

Make your bed and embrace the unknown

Either right when you wake up or when you change out of your pj's, make the bed. Even if it's a sleeping bag in a tent. Tidy your sleeping space to accomplish a small task. This will make you feel satisfied and organized. Plus, crawling into your fluffed nest later will be a pleasant transition.

You're ready to take on the day and embrace the unknown. You've taken care of your bodies physical needs and filled your own cup. Now you can slowly turn on your mind and engage with those around you.