Rejuvenate With A Fall Cleanse

I used to be on a mad search for anything that would treat my acne. Having never had a pimple through my teen years, once I entered into college the acne switch turned on.

How was this possible? I didn't change my face wash, how much I slept or how much I worked out. Was it a hormone thing? I didn't realize it at the time but what did change was the quality of the foods I ate, the water I drank and my rising stress levels.

After months of research, trial and error with all sorts of DIY face masks, eating certain foods, changing my pillow case religiously and trying to calm my stress, I finally discovered fasting. The concept that if you remove solid food from your diet and drank juiced fruits and vegetables and soups for a consecutive amount of days and rested, your body could heal itself internally.

I started experimenting and getting results, way faster than I thought possible. My skin was glowing, my spirit was lighter and my mental clarity was insane. But within a couple weeks after the detox, my symptoms would return.

(I learned later that I was releasing toxins too quickly and harshly, having headaches the first couple days and feeling fatigued. Now I know you can cleanse in a gentle, more controlled way that doesn't mean you have to stop your everyday life.)

How could I make those results last?

I kept reading about a nature-based philosophy/way of living that promoted fasting but typically called it a cleanse. That sounded much more nurturing. It incorporated the 5 elements of nature in our bodies, food, environment, mind...everywhere! I finally learned it was Ayurveda, the ancient life wisdom from India 5,000 years ago that the yogis brought into practice.

So what is a cleanse? Simply, it is creating an environment for the body to digest and eliminate toxins and to restore balance and open channels. Twice a year, during Spring and Fall, simplifying foods, getting more sleep, limiting screen time, reorganizing your physical space and self massage (and more) contribute to the cleanse. You can go for a couple days to a couple weeks.

Done routinely improves your longevity and maintains a vibrant body, mind and spirit. You reawaken true hunger and become in touch with what really matters in your life. You are sick less often and acquire life-long habits that stick. A few of my keystone habits resulted from a cleanse like limited snacking in between meals, very minimal dairy and no longer identify as someone who becomes "hangry,"

Here are typical signs of fall imbalances. Do these sound like you?

  • Increased anxiety

  • Bothered by cold and wind

  • Poor sleep

  • Excess Stimulation is bothersome

  • Bloating and gas

  • Dry skin and hair

  • Feeling disorganized or overwhelmed

  • Inability to sit still

If you identify with any of those, you would benefit from a cleanse.

I am happy to share that I have cured my acne through cleansing. It didn't happen overnight but through calming my stress, eliminating dairy products, eating dinner earlier and using only oils on my skin, I've healed!

Wondering how you could heal your body, too? Have you tried a cleanse before?

Check out this Fall Cleanse Guide and begin your exploration.

Send me a message if you'd like some guidance around your cleanse. I offer free 15 minute coaching calls and can get you on the right path.

With Love,