Simple Morning Practices to Set a Positive Tone to Your Day

Regardless of how you spend your days, I've noticed what you do in the morning lays the framework for the rest of the day. The morning is a sacred time to be intentional and orient yourself towards what you want in life. So what you do in those first couple hours really matter!

When I walk out the door, I love feeling fully awake, clear headed, organized, and flexible. With a mug of warm water and my backpack loaded with my laptop and lunch, I'm ready to take on the day. But I used to wake up tired, feeling rushed and inadequate, and usually ate breakfast in the car.

What do you do during your mornings? Do you wake up 15 minutes before you need to leave to maximize sleep in time? Or do you wake up early, make a warm drink and take your time?

If it's a work day or the weekend, here are my go-to morning activities to fully wake up and set a positive tone that flows through the afternoon.

Envision Your Day

The moment your eyes open, visualize a snapshot of your day the way you want it to go. If you're giving a presentation at work, visualizing yourself cool, calm and collected. If you have a super full schedule, visualize yourself being thankful for the work, tackling your tasks with joy, and incorporating breaks. The way you play out your day in your head first thing lays the framework of what will actually happen.

Sit in Silence

Yep, meditate. This practice has transformed my "not enough-ness" thoughts. I used to routinely wake up feeling already behind and unworthy. And I hadn't even crawled out of bed yet! Once I started sitting for 5 minutes a day, within a month I could feel a shift. Aim to sit for a few minutes every morning but if this is too much, journal down your thoughts for 5 minutes to release stale energy and negative feelings.

Move Your body

Get your breath moving by activating your physical body. Stretch, walk, run, do some pushups - anything! Just move your body. You've been sleeping all night so naturally when you wake up, you need to balance yourself with the opposite activity. Length of time and intensity is less important, but aim for 5-10 minutes on a consistent basis.

And of course, drink water and have a great poop!