Support Your Efforts With Reliable Accountability

What are your habits like when no one is watching? When the gluten-free cookies are on the counter, how many will you eat? How long does it take to get off the couch and go for that walk? When will you finally pick up the phone and have that hard conversation you've been avoiding?

When you have to muster up your motivation, there's only so much in the tank to keep going until you run out. It's in those moments you feel like your health is goin backwards. You lost those 5 lbs and now you've gained back 8 lbs over the holidays. You were sleeping great before COVID. What the hell?!

No matter where you're at or how your body and life has changed this past year, you're not alone. We've been under a lot of universal stress and even though our experiences haven't been exactly the same, we can feel it, because we're all connected.

The most impactful and sustainable way you can align your efforts is with hard core accountability. Be proactive in what you want for you body and lifestyle, but don't do it alone. For one, it's not as fun, and two, you won't reach your goals as fast.

Here are helpful ways to ramp up your accountability.

Know your why

Holding yourself accountable means you are super clear on what your goal is and why it's important. When you have a clear vision of where you're going you're more likely to stay away from anything distracting.

Get an accountability partner

Is there someone in your life who could support you? Could you possibly support them in the same way? An accountability partner can look like a friendship with clear communication around honesty, encouragement and judgement-free listening. When you make this partnership a priority and show up for each other, magical things happen. Take it from me, I've had an accountability partner for building my wellness business for almost a year and a half. We've talked every week for at least an hour, if not more including texts and emails. And we've never met in person! I adore her.

Follow a schedule

I never followed my calendar until the last couple of years. There are ways in which I've resisted becoming an adult and have a schedule was one of them but now I've experienced how it has kept me organized and efficient with my time. It's also allowed me to free up mental space because I don't have to try and remember everything I need (want) to do.

Keep it lighthearted

Of course! What's the point of all this unless you were having fun! I'll always be someone who expresses that we take our health way too seriously. Join a group, stay lighthearted in your efforts and share your experiences to remember that you're never alone. There's always someone else who knows what you're going through. Why not keep it fun?!