Take a Social Media Break and Free Your Mind - You Won't Regret It

Technology is here to stay and with the continued popularity to share your life and or business (or both) with the whole world on social media, we are faced with a dilemma that requires us to always be "on."

Taking a picture to share and checking your favorite sites, accounts, and apps throughout the day takes energy and time. Time away from living your life while you record and promote it. It can be shocking to look back at your phone statistics and view how many hours you were scrolling on your phone. My eyes have bulged more than once looking at my own.

So here's the pickle. It's fun and exciting to be on social media but it takes away from living your life in the moment. Sharing into the ether after a while starts to take a toll on your relationships (including yourself), your mental health, and how you spend your time. I believe it's wise to take a break.

Greeting the sunrise at a retreat in Mexico where I felt incredibly present, all without the use of social media

Up until today, I've been off social media (primarily Instagram) since December 21st and I have zero regrets. I started because I couldn't internally hear myself and the "noise" of everyone else's lives was distracting. I was taking in too much information and felt flooded and overwhelmed in my mind, which also showed up as anxiety and comparing myself to others.

I needed to break the cycle. Having done effective social media breaks before (anywhere from a couple days to a couple months) I knew it would be helpful reset.

I was right. This break turned out to be one of the most fruitful ones I've ever taken. Here are some of the benefits I experienced and hopefully ones you can experience, too.

  • More free time to read and use my imagination

  • Less anxious in the morning and late evening

  • Stopped heavily comparing myself to others

  • More creative

  • Took pictures and videos for myself, not to post (sometimes shared with family & friends via text)

  • Noticed I was living more in the present moment

  • Easier to meditate

  • Felt more present in conversations

  • Discovered some deep truths about my past

  • Became more clear on how I want to keep growing my business

  • Improved my overall mood

  • Realized no one cares if you're on social media or not

  • Felt calm and joyful and less alone

I realized social media is an entertaining tool to stay connected but it isn't the only tool. I discovered the freedom to say I can go back on at any time, but then (funny enough) noticed I wanted to keep taking a break. I realized I can update my social media boundaries and that would actually be the key to maintaining a portion of the balance I cultivated.

My updated social media boundaries include:

  • I can engage on social media via my laptop - no phone, apps, or stories

  • I can go on between 9am and 5pm (somewhat flexible)

  • I will limit scrolling by going on with a purpose in mind (I can't just scroll to scroll)

  • I can take a day or weekend break if I start to feel anxious or comparison creeping up

  • I will remind myself that social media is a tool and have been designed to have addictive elements to it. I don't ever need to be hard on myself when I feel out of control

  • My business does not depend on how many followers I have or how often I post

What's your current relationship with social media? Could you benefit from a break? How would yours look? I lovingly encourage you to consider some sort of pause, even for a day. You may not know how it's effecting you until you create space and see what happens.

Let's stay connected to ourselves and each other in ways that don't compromise our mental health. Live your life in the present moment and stay in-tune with your unique rhythm.