Travel Constipation: How To Poop Away From Home

So many factors go into a good poop. Don't let your exciting travels get backed up (pun intended) when your gut is not having it and a complete bowel movement isn't happening.

It's no secret, or maybe it is, that so many people struggle with digestive issues, especially on the road away from the privacy of their own toilet. Let's face it, it's not enjoyable when you feel clogged. Symptoms can include hard to pass stool, fewer than 3 bowel movements a week, hard/lumpy stool, upset stomach, nausea, and zero satisfaction when leaving the bathroom. Not to mention feelings of frustration, foggy brain, and low energy.

I think it's fair to say that we all want to experience an amazing poop that makes us feel light and energized after! So what can you do to stay regular while traveling when you're sitting a lot in a vehicle or airplane? I recently experienced my own episode of constipation on a road trip to Mt Rainier National Park in Washington.

Below I share what I did to remedy the situation and additional pro tips that you can do, too.

Snowshoeing at the base of the very impressive Mt Rainier (over 14,000 feet!)

Being a very consistent morning pooper, I'm always suspicious when only pee comes out. "Where's my poop?" This happened last week and as it turned into three days of no complete bowel movements, with very sad small stools, I dialed into my body's needs and focused on four things to get things moving again. Hydration, lowering inflammation, exercise, and relieving stress.

To be more specific, here's what I did assist my body in having a complete bowel movement.

  • I regularly took sips of warm water throughout the day + some aloe vera gel + magnesium powder

  • I would squat down on the ground to encourage a bowel movement. I did this at my friends cabin for 5 minutes before everyone woke up to position my body in a helpful angle, then sit on the toilet

  • I ate warm, liquid based foods with sufficient fat and fiber - try this potato soup I made last week. I also ate baked salmon, cooked veggies, and stayed away from processed items

  • I was stressing so I took pauses to breathe in and out of my nose 10 times throughout the day - I could feel how it was relaxing my stomach muscles

  • I moved my body to stay loose, which included snowshoeing, stretching, and walking - especially in the morning

  • I took every bathroom opportunity, even if I felt like I didn't have to go

  • I went to bed by 10pm each night to rest and recharge

Eventually, I had a satisfying evening bowel movement along with the next morning, which was one of the most enjoyable poops in recent memory. Oh ya! I had the biggest smile on my face coming out of the bathroom. I felt so good and thankful everything came out.

Our bodies are all different, and what worked for me may or may not work for you. Here are a few more natural remedies to try when you are constipated while traveling. They all center around adding warmth, oil, hydration, and stress release to your body.

  • Natural laxatives include ghee, triphala powder, psyllium husk + teas with licorice and fennel

  • Eat more organic fruit like apples, dates, and pears

  • Try organic pineapple or prune juice

  • Soaked flax seed in a warm cereal

  • Don't depend on coffee or caffeine - it dries your digestive tract

  • Limit sugary treats, salt, dairy, snacking between meals, and having dinners past 7pm

  • Grab and book/magazine and sit on the throne to give your body time - try to relax!