Turn Up Your Happiness Dial

I've been an optimistic and cheerful person for most of my life. It's a big part of my personality and how I get through tough times, but when I was 11, 19 and 29 years old the heaviness of my situations were too much. I wasn't able to live up to the pressures of life and what I thought other people wanted of me.

The art of living in a blissed out state is something we attempt to master our whole lives. Compared to the others emotions, happiness receives much of the attention and is the one we are always reaching for. I think it's safe to say these days have proven to be especially challenging in the happiness department and the sheer act of simply getting out of bed can be a struggle.

Shoot for long-term contentment versus fleeting moments of pleasure. A quick fix can often feel good in the moment but quickly fizzles out like dessert or TV shows. Shoot for the foundation of what allows you to align naturally to an uplifted state of being.

Don't try to eliminate negative feelings when they bubble up. Our universe operates on opposites. The sun and moon, day and night, joyful and sad, fast and slow, winter and summer. Like everything in wellness, it's a balance. So when you try to dodge emotions like sadness, anger, frustration or doubt, you push a cheerful mood away. Instead, move through those feelings by pausing, feeling, accepting and taking your next action step in a positive direction.

Live in slow motion and enhance the color of your environment. Being grateful allows you to live in slow motion especially when you notice the little things and embrace the moment. To enhance the color in your life, think of editing a photo with all the various settings to change the light and color palette. Scale down the shadows (doubt) and brighten (excitement) the overall shot.

I've realized being happy is not because everything is going perfect but because I chose to ebb and flow with the waves of the day.

Elevate to your highest self by going to bed early, eat whole foods, give yourself a hug and move your body. And through it all, BREATHE, keep breathing. Then smile and really crank up the happiness dial!