Unplug From Technology and Stop Missing Out

Friday had arrived and it was time to do one of my very favorite things: unplug. I had a fun trip ahead of me and I was hustling around Tiny to finish packing and make sure my to-do list was complete.

The start of my technology pause was about to begin. Yep, I'm talkin' no social media, emails, work projects, or TV/movies. Not forever, but a conscious break from all devices with a start and end day to give myself full permission to unwind.

My email away message was up, I informed my coaching group I would not be easily reached, and wrapped up other work related tasks.

It was time to let loose and truly tune into the present moment without distractions of the virtual world.


I was picked up by a couple friends in a big white truck to drive south to the Mt Shasta area in California for a gathering of friends. I threw my bags in the back and we sped off on the highway. My face and hair were getting blasted with warm, dry air in the backseat and I loved every second of it. The arid climate and cloudless sky expanded farther as we went over the pass and dipped into a new valley.

Singing, daydreaming, and conversations happened organically making me instantly feel connected listening to others talk about their lives and challenges over winter with COVID.

We arrived and proceeded to have one of the most incredible, healing, and uplifting weekends I've had in a while. Literally, I left with my heart so full I was overflowing with laughter, tears, giant smiles.

The whole time my phone and laptop were never a distraction because I had made a conscious choice before leaving home that technology was not apart of the weekend festivities. I brought a camera to take photos (and I didn't even use it until the end), I kept my phone on airplane mode at night, and also deleted the Instagram app.

Being with quality humans with a shared vision of how we wanted to spend time together made it easy to stay engaged. I felt seen, truly seen, and I saw others for who they truly were.

The sensation of anxiety lessoned and the kink in my neck loosened up.

Life was happening right in front of me and there was no need to record or manipulate it to look or be a certain way for a post. I could just be.


Have you ever done a technology break before? If so, awesome! Do some more.

If not, a couple days might be a lot at first but try an evening or one day on weekend when you're doing something rad. I know it can feel empty at first but feelings of envy, jealousy, and loneliness will melt away.

The vibrant, real world is happening beyond the screen. Get out there.