Yes, Wash Your Face With Oil

I know, it sounds out there but only because it's the complete opposite of how we've been told to take care of our skin.

It's likely you were told the same thing I was as a kid. Wash your face with soap or cleanser to get all the dirt and bacteria off your face to control acne and oily skin. I remember using Noxzema in high school in fear a pimple would arise, but it never did until college.

That's when shit got crazy.

Between going off to school, too many calculus classes, different foods, and depression my skin exploded with acne. My jaw line, chin, and forehead were inflamed with deep pimples that actually hurt. The worst was I had eczema along my chin and would itch to the point of bleeding. I also had intense dry patches in some areas and oily spots in others.

It was embarrassing and uncomfortable. Although it was only that intense for 6 months, it scarred me in more ways than one. In fact, the dark dot on my upper lip you can usually see in pictures is a scar from a pimple. Acne, to this day, is still one of my biggest insecurities.

So what was I to do?

I knew from a young ago that a magic pill or some expensive topical cream would only be a band-aid. It was the beginning of my search of how to heal my body from the inside out and understanding how sleep, food, stress, environmental toxins and exercise all play role.

I ended up finding the Ebook Acne No More, started going to counseling, changed my major, and basically had a family intervention (thank goodness for them) about my mental health. It didn't happen over night, but slowly I began to heal and so did my skin.

One of the easiest, cheapest, most effective ways I learned how to take care of my now acne prone skin was to wash my face with oil. You can bet having all that going on, the idea of using oil sounded ridiculous. After a couple weeks of trial and error and learning which oils were best, my skin started to shape up. It's been years and the idea of using any kind of soap or lotion on my face seems abnormal.

Now matter what you have going on with your skin, there is an oil(s) out there for you that will simplify your routine and improve you skin tone, clarity, and hydration.

Guidelines to wash your face with oil

  1. Start with clean hands

  2. Apply a nickel size amount of carrier oil on a dry face and massage in circular motions for 1-3 minutes

  3. Soak a clean wash cloth in warm water, ring out excess water, and gently wipe away oil and dirt

  4. Rinse and repeat

  5. Apply a pea size amount of oil to clean face to rehydrate the skin

  6. Feel free to add a serum or any other hydration coverage to face

  7. Wash with oil at night. For mornings, simply rinse your face with cool water and apply a thin layer of oil and light SPF. Doing both isn't bad you just may not need it for the morning because your sebum oil production has leveled itself out.

  8. You can also watch my YouTube video to learn how to wash your face with oil

Best oils to use for all skin types in spring and summer are coconut, rosehip, argan, grapeseed, sesame, or avocado oil. Make sure they are cold-pressed and organic for the best quality. Sometimes your local drugstore will have them but definitely check out a health food store or co-op.

Shop or for high quality carrier oils online.

Have fun with your oils! Experiment and start with a small amount and slowly apply more as needed.