Your Top Questions About The Spring Cleanse Answered

It's that time of year to feel refreshed, light, and rejuvenated. I have come to LOVE my bi-annual cleanse because some of my biggest shifts in health have stemmed from one. Realizing I have an intolerance to dairy, healing acne and eczema, relieving joint discomfort, resetting hormones, relaxing depression, and calming down strong cravings for sugar.

Although cleansing, or detoxing, is popularized with juice cleansing and fasting, the Spring Cleanse I guide is extremely nourishing, not restrictive and depleting. I often hear people saying cleansing is too hard, they don't have time, or know how to do it. My intention with this blog is help answer your concerns and questions and show you a different approach to cleansing.

Is Cleansing Safe?

Yes, 100%. There is no intense juice or water fasting. This is not about depriving yourself of anything, in fact, it's the opposite. One way to reframe your experience is thinking about what you'll add in to your life, not just take away. Again, this is simply a window of time to take a break from processed foods, overeating, added sugars, over scheduling so your body can properly digest any and all toxins to reboot your system.

Why Should I Detox?

There are multiple reasons why you should. Check out last week's blog 6 Sign You Need A Cleanse

I'm Too Busy, Do I Have Time?

To which I answer, are you too busy once you get sick? Cleansing is longevities best friend. They go hand in hand. Your body keeps score and accumulated toxins and undigested foods, emotions, and experiences build up and cause disease, inflammation, and chronic pain at some point. The Spring Cleanse I guide is designed for the busy, modern person who can't pause work, daily responsibilities, and wants to still exercise.

What Will I Eat?

The focus will be plant based, whole foods that can be cooked, raw, or blended that is intuitive to your body's needs. I will help you design an ideal menu that is best for your body. This isn't a one size fits all kind of cleanse. You can also leave food out of your cleanse plan if you want. There are no rules of what you should or shouldn't do. Doesn't that sounds so freeing!?

Will I Be Hungry?

The goal is to never be hungry or feel deprived in anyway. This is not a harsh fasting detox. You may at times feel empty but it will feel different than hungry. It's actually a refreshing feeling.

Will I Lose Weight?

It's very possible although the goal of the cleanse I guide is not centered around weight loss. Sometimes it's a positive side effect of the process. If you are wanting to lose weight, this could be a healthy approach to do so because you will never starve yourself. You eat in a way that allows your digestive system to downshift and get rid of more than just excess weight. If you aren't looking to lose weight but want the benefits of more energy, less bloat, and inflammation, a properly designed cleanse can meet your needs.

What Will I Experience?

Day 1-3 Ease In

Downshift, slow down, and ease into detoxification. Trust in the process and allow the body to begin healing itself from the inside out.

Day 4-9 Cleanse

Let go of undigested foods, emotions, and environmental toxins. Experience a lift in energy and intuition. Begin to feel grounded in body and mind.

Day 10-12 Emerge

Discover habits and thoughts that align with your rejuvenated body and mind. Relish in a calm mind, strong body, and elevated heart.

Who Shouldn't Cleanse?

If you are nursing, pregnant, have type 1 diabetes, living with advanced cancer, or losing weight rapidly - for your safety, this will not be the most ideal time for you to cleanse.

Do You Offer A Guided Cleanse?

Yes, I do! It's a 2 week cleanse where help you design a personalized cleanse to your needs.

What Does The Cleanse Include?

  • 5 Live Group Sessions

  • Video Modules To Walk You Through Each Day

  • Coaching On The Chat With Natalie And Other Members

  • Additional Worksheets And Resources

  • Personalized Cleanse

2 Weeks Is A Long Cleanse - I'm Not Sure I Can Do It

All sessions are held on Zoom. These are workshop/office hour style calls where you'll have a chance to plan, share, and ask questions about your cleanse experience.

Cleanse Prep Thursday, April 21 @4-4:45pm PST

Cleanse Check Ins Monday, April 25 @4-4:45pm PST Thursday, April 28 @4-4:45pm PST Thursday, May 5 @4-4:45pm PST Cleanse Closure Tuesday, May 10 @3-3:45pm PST

When Do You (Natalie) Cleanse?

Every April and October for a couple weeks. This time I will be joining you for the Spring Cleanse!

How Do I Sign Up?

Click here to join us soon!

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