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Happening April 25 - May 10, 2022


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Refresh Your Body

A Guided 2 week Spring Cleanse April 25 - May 10

Hands down one of the most powerful tools to reset your body that doesn't require special products or preparation and can happen right at home without drastically changing your schedule.


Be in control of your habits

Be in rhythm with nature

Be at peace in your life

Be calm in your mind

Be at Home in your body 

Yes, I Want In!

Why Should I Do A Spring Cleanse?

#1 You are always tired and sleep sucks  

#2 You wake up puffy and often get bloated 

#3 You crave carbs and sugar throughout the day

#4 It's hard to concentrate and focus 

#5 You can't lose weight that sits around your midsection 

#6 Chronic inflammation has you feeling defeated


The body is incredibly intelligent but our world is overly toxic. You might eat well, exercise regularly, take supplements, and go to bed early, but the ratio of stressors going into the body against what's coming out is still off set.

Our bodies attempt to "digest it all", toxicity settles into tissue and weak parts of the body and begins to compromise your overall health. A cleanse allows the body to heal and repair itself and help balance your whole system.

This is why a cleanse, a window of time (anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks), to let your digestion rest and remove harmful environmental toxins, undigested food, unresolved emotional baggage, stress and excess fat is so impactful. 


After you'll feel...

  • Energetic
  • Pain-free
  • Strong + lean
  • Rejuvenated
  • Grounded
  • At peace + calm
  • Clear headed

Here's How It Works

Spring Cleanse April 25 - May 10

Ease In

Day 1-3

Downshift, slow down, and ease into detoxification. Trust in the process and allow the body to begin healing itself from the inside out.


Day 4-9

Let go of undigested foods, emotions, and environmental toxins. Experience a lift in energy and intuition. Begin to feel grounded in body and mind.


Day 10-12

Discover habits and thoughts that align with your rejuvenated body and mind. Relish in a calm mind, strong body, and elevated heart.

Simple and Fun

Cleansing shouldn't be complicated, and learning how shouldn't be intimidating! The Spring Cleanse is a clean and straightforward detox experience to elevate your body and mind as we transition out of the winter season.


We're In This Together

Have you tried to do a cleanse on your own? It's tough! Humans thrive when we're together. In the Spring Cleanse, you lean on the group for momentum, accountability, and inspiration to reboot your body.

What's Included?

I know your life is full. It's my goal to make the Spring Cleanse simple and effective without the extra fluff. Here is what's worked for previous members.



Step by step guidance with short vidoes

Live Sessions

Weekly live sessions with Natalie and group


Join the conversation on the Community Chat


Shared tip sheets, books, and journal prompts

Meet Natalie Jackson

Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

I've been leading group cleanses for the last 2.5 years and every time I am blown away at the results members are experiencing. 

My focus is help you feel at home and vibrant in your body. 

I started experimenting with detoxing in 2007 during my college years when my acne, depression, eczema, and hormones were way out of whack. I instinctually knew cleaning my body from the inside out and taking care of my organs was the answer, but I just didn't know how yet.

I started doing research and found that every major culture had a spiritual connection to cleansing to purify the body and mind.

I was hooked once I got immediate results and have since then found a gentle approach to cleansing that doesn't require anyone to change their schedule, stop exercising, or feel restricted.

That's the Spring Cleanse! I can't wait for you to tap into your own body wisdom.


Spring Cleanse


April 25 - May 10, 2022

  • 5 Live Group Sessions
  • Video Modules To Walk You Through Each Day
  • Coaching On The Chat With Natalie And Other Members
  • Additional Worksheets And Resources
  • Personalized Cleanse
I'm In!