4 Healthy Habits To Start During Winter

[Plus 2 Practices to Avoid to Finally Understand What Your Body Needs to Flourish]


January 17 & 18, 2023 // 3pm PST


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How I help outdoor enthusiasts & nurturers reconnect to their health 


Let's face it. Being healthy has become unnecessarily complicated. Try this diet, try this exercise class, sleep this many hours a night....ya, it's a lot. 

The thing is, you are more than capable to identify your key habits and create a sense of routine and consistency with them, even in the heart of winter.

It's a new year! Your invitation to finally be empowered, present, and content in your body and life without being a 'strict health nut.' :)


Is This You?

  • You feel confused, too busy, or overwhelmed about your health
  • You feel 'off track' from the holidays, over indulging, traveling, lack of routines or the winter season
  • BUT you're optimistic and motivated by the new year and want clarity on which habits are best for your overall well-being 
  • You feel guilty about not giving your body and mind what it needs but are pulled in a million different directions

This 2-Day LIVE Workshop Includes


4 simple habits that will allow you to:

Strengthen your mind-body connection + be in rhythm with the cold

Boost immune system + get sick less often

Enhance your mood + keep away winter blues

Eat intuitively + ditch emotional eating

Manage your energy, not your time


2 practices you need to avoid so you can actually understand what your body is requesting to be happy and healthy. These are the most common mistakes people make that dilutes how amazing they could be feeling. I want you to steer clear of these!

A free PDF summary of the whole workshop so you can be present and not worry about missing anything. Bonus!

A special invitation to my group coaching course - Longevity Blueprint

Hey, I'm Natalie


As a teenager and through my 20's, I struggled with draining and frustrating health issues - acne, eczema, depression, overeating, low self-worth, food intolerances, inconsistent work/life balance, and achy joints.

I knew I could heal. With a keen intuition, wise mentors, and a little grit, I've naturally alleviated my symptoms that are deemed "normal" in our culture. And if any of them flare up, I know exactly what to do!

As a 2x certified Health Coach and Outdoor Educator, I now use what I've learned to help people just like you to restore your natural health without expensive products and time consuming routines.

I’ll show you how to glow from the inside out, feel grounded (no matter where you are) and create simple habits for a vibrant life!

"1000% couldn't have done it with out Natalie. Her flexibility and encouragement was the foundation, but I think that it was the passion for our growth and the self love that she expressed was the fire!"

- Christine J

"I loved working with Natalie! Her coaching definitely has helped me. She has incredible knowledge, a positive attitude, and teaching skills that helped me learn small changes lead to big changes.

- Beth B

"Natalie's ability to see where someone is going before they get there and guide them is one of the main contributors of her many coaching talents that helped me to achieve success. "

- Jennifer CP

What Problems Are We Solving?

How to simplify your key daily habits around food, exercise and relieving stress without time consuming routines or expensive "health" products. You CAN thrive in winter!

4 Reasons You Need This Workshop

  • Chances are you are the nurturer and leader in your core group of people and driver towards growth and connection

  • It's now your turn to be supported and given an opportunity to have space and balance, so you can stop trying to figure out your health on your own

  • To be enlightened and reminded how to simply love and care for yourself

  • Leave with an action plan (I'll give you a free PDF summarizing the whole workshop) for a rejuvenated winter self-care routine 

Join us January 17 & 18, 2023 // 3pm PST



Because I love snail mail so much, I will be sending some of my favorite consumables and products to care for your body during winter. A $30 value! There will be a drawing at the end of day 2 for one attendee to win!


Guidelines to win:

  1. Sign up for workshop
  2. Participate and share during worksop
  3. Have your name pulled at the end of day 2

JANUARY 17 & 18, 2023 // 3PM PST

Yep, it's all FREE. See you there!