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  • Exhausted, when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep with thoughts spinning around and around? When your alarm goes off in the morning, is it a drag to get out of bed?

  • Making poor best food choices, the pace of your busy day doesn't allow enough time to prepare and cook meals, you're just confused about what to eat or you can't stay away from your snacks and sweets.

  • With digestive issues, and wondering if will ever be able to pacify your bloated and tight stomach? Eliminating regularly, what's that? 

  • Not feeling good in your body, and wondering where you lost yourself along the way. Hoping you can get back in balance with your relationships and your true purpose

  • Anxious & stressed, about the pace of modern life and always feeling behind 

  • Lacking daily body movement, and forcing yourself to the gym is just not fun

  • Needing accountability and support, you KNOW what to do for yourself but can't seem to consistently to ACTION and follow through.


I get you. My own wellness journey has been a wavy ride.


 Hi, I'm Natalie!

I’m your go-to girl for vibrant health & simple living - as a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and YogaHealer and also a Wilderness Instructor, tiny house designer and builder and lover of human-powered adventures. 


It is my mission to help willing individuals to get unstuck, regain their health, reset negative thinking and reduce anxiety so they can experience their own self-empowerment and intuition.

I learned as a child to retreat into the forest when I needed healing and adventure. I took it a step further as an adult leading multi-week trips canoeing Canadian rivers and the Mississippi, hiking the Alaskan Arctic, plus SUPing rivers and bikepacking across Oregon. Nature helps repair my traumas, emotional self, physical body and relationships.

I explored living aboard an old 1970's sailboat on Lake Superior which gave inspiration to build and reside in a tiny house. All of these experiences have been the backbone of my skills and awareness of how I want to live. Like, really, whole heartedly live.

Today, I help people discover their ability to self heal through Yoga and Ayurveda (aka Mother Nature), behavioral science, mind-body connection within a high-vibe community of others seeking the same balance.


I believe we are in collaboration with the Universe to create the lives of our dreams. We can choose to just live or be ALIVE. Which do you want?

This truly is my soul work - I'm so happy to share my light with you. I am beyond grateful for the love, body+mind balance and passion in my life.


I'll show you how to get there too, in Body Align! 


Body Align

12 Months of Wellness to Activate 10 Body & Lifestyle Habits
Through the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda

Here's A Snapshot of Body Align


The pulsation of your digestive fire will effectively breakdown food, absorb nutrients & process emotions. You will become a pooping master and activate your bodies natural detoxification process.

Deep Rest

Acquire a true restful night sleep and wake energized and light. Develop a stellar morning & evening routine. Listen to your body intelligence and honor your internal eb and flow.

Body Love

Revamp how you move your body. Settle into your ideal body weight. Sit in silence to unwind your mind and set intentions. Integrate body massage and care for your 5 senses.


Evolve your identity and your body goals with your intentions and take action. Uplevel your JOY!  Return to a rhythm and flow that is effortless. Nourish all your relationships; you, others and the earth. Learn to regulate your emotions, regain balance and have consistent, bright energy.

Whole Foods

Nourish yourself with a dominantly plant-based diet. Prepare simple, colorful meals. Develop a positive relationship with food and eat only when you're hungry.


Redefine your own work/play lifestyle. Design physical space and architect your home environment to assist your habits.


  • Prioritize your time and energy first

  • Summon all your self-worth to the surface

  • Redefine what wellness means to you and take ACTION

  • Become crystal clear on WHAT you desire and WHY you want it NOW

  • Finally let go of your past self and activate your future self

  • Cultivate your own self-healing capabilities










This is exactly what you learn in Body Align



  • Set aside willpower and automate daily habits

  • Cleanse your immune system

  • Experience deep rest

  • Attune to nature's rhythm 

  • Stop thinking your way to health and start doing

  • Live a vibrant life, no matter what life throws your way

  • Achieve sustainable results

  • Receive consistent support from the Align community 



Align wellness course is for the individuals who are willing and motivated to transform - no matter if you live on the road, work from home or travel a lot. You intuitively know healing is possible even though you may feel sluggish, disconnected and oversaturated in your body and life.


If you suspect the next diet, exercise regimen, self-practice or Instagram challenge does not treat the root cause of imbalance and disease, you're in the right place!​




Adair F

Natalie is of the earth. She is grounded and kind. She has an usual capacity for deep listening. She reflects back to me in ways that make me feel seen, and help me see myself more clearly. It's evident that Natalie does her own inner work with diligence, and this makes her a brilliant coach - she excels at supporting others in doing the same.


Nina F

Natalie is passionate about you giving you the access to create sustainable, impactful habits that will leave you engaged in you own well-being and satisfied with your results.


Katie E

The structure and clarity that Align offers helped me gain the momentum I needed to launch my physical health in the direction I was seeking. The community is invested in one another beyond what I thought was possible, which truly helps to accomplish results. 


Jenna W

Being coached by Natalie has been life changing. I walk away feeling empowered and confident. She has offered me an incredible amount of guidance and a unique perspective on life. I highly recommend Natalie if you are looking to find balance and make positive changes within your life!​


Ellen G

The Align course has helped me get in touch with my own natural rhythms and their power to guide me through a life of better health, less anxiety, and fuller joy. By sharing the journey with others you feel enriched and supported and you gain new insights into yourself and how you relate to others in your life.


This is a 12-month, virtual wellness experience. Natalie teaches and facilitates a group of individuals to automate the 10 habits and move through identity evolution phases with weekly live, 75 minute video Zoom calls. 


The set of habits are expanded over 4 times (for each season, to make up a year). Each week will introduce a habit and give each member an opportunity to explore & implement the teachings. This dynamic group will support each other through challenges and successes.


Quarter 1


Receive the habits + method

Quarter 2


Make massive progress

Quarter 3


Deepen your momentum

Quarter 4


Awaken your flow


You will learn 10 powerful Ayurveda habits with weekly educational conversations and activities

Weekly video calls - time + day; currently Tuesdays @4pm PST. All calls are recorded and posted if you're unable to attend

Course Materials - A robust welcome box, printable ebooks, worksheets and recipes plus Yoga+meditation videos and recordings

2 - 1 week cleanses that are facilitated by Natalie each April and October.

12 1-on-1 laser coaching sessions with Natalie to experience clarity and your next action step

An accountability partner/community to create in depth connection and further support your goals

Access to online group forum to ask questions, share success and build community 

Unlimited access to Natalie for guidance throughout the entire year

Virtual weekend retreat. Date & activities TBA based on group members.

open enrollment - limited spots!

I'll help you develop sustainable habits for life


  • Create adaptable self-care practices for your body and mind.

Contact Info


Ashalnd, Oregon

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