My Wellness Essentials for Travel

Feeling strong, balanced, and energized is possible during your travels.

Greetings from southern Oregon! A region I used to call home with Tiny a few years ago. I've continued to visit about once a year to work, play, and visit friends. 

I wouldn't call this a "vacation", as I'm out here for two months, but more like an extension of how I like to live.

A bit transient and mobile.

With that, comes the challenge of what to pack to maintain my health on the go. 

It varies based on how I'm traveling (right now, I'm in and out of the van and friend's homes) and have access to modern amenities like a kitchen, running water, a shower, near by natural grocery stores, and an indoor workout space.

I know, fancy! 

If you rummaged around in my bags or in the van, here are some of the wellness essentials you'd find:

  • Neti pot - to flush nasal passages and help against allergies and getting sick

  • Dry brush - to exfoliate and wake up the skin

  • A novel and self-help book - a relaxing/fun novel before bed and another book to expand my thinking

  • Body oil - right now almond oil to keep my skin hydrated and nervous system calm

  • Coconut oil - for cooking, oil pulling (mouth hygiene), and a little body SPF

  • Thermos - for drinking warm water in the morning (helps a poop first thing!) and to take with me throughout the day

  • Refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles - bars are messy to travel with so I use small bottles and refill at a natural grocery store.

  • Tongue scraper - your toothbrush and floss' best friend to remove toxins from your mouth

  • Himalayan sea salt - for food and to add to water for an electrolyte boost if I get a headache

  • Journal - Sometimes I need to write my thoughts out of my brain to lower anxiety

  • Air pods + meditation app - I love Insight Timer for free guided visualizations AM and PM for grounded energy

  • 3 outfits - 1 for being cozy and relaxed, 1 to be active, and 1 to feel cute and casual 

  • Resistance bands - if I don't have access to weights, I will pack bands, in additional to doing body weight exercises to stay strong


Here's a Tiny Tip to consider...

Only pack what you'll use

Not what you think you might need at some point.

Options are nice in theory, but when you're traveling, having more to lug around becomes annoying and cumbersome. 

Keep it simple by only packing the bare minimum. 

There's a lot of research that says you are happier and less stressed with fewer items. And they nice part is, you only have to make the decision once on what to bring - when you pack.

Once you leave home, you're "stuck" with your choices. But let me tell ya, it's so liberating to look at your carry-on and say, "Everything I'll use these next weeks are in that one bag!"

You'll be so proud of yourself. :)