Boundaries &


Monday, August 8th - Thursday, August 11th

11am - 12pm CST


No more excuses. Let's design a routine just for YOU.

Boundaries & Self-Care Starts

This is your nudge to put your self-care first









You are worthy of something just for you

This Week-Long LIVE Experience Includes


Clear Out Inflammation Formula

  • Learn the 3 pillars to clear your skin, de-bloat your tummy, and have laser focus
  • Identify your mindset, reset negative thinking, and set the foundation for your daily routine

Design Your Indoor/Outdoor Zen Spot

  • How to create a cozy nook that helps you unwind and refill your cup
  • Go from, "I'm exhausted" to "I have energy to spare" by the end of the day.

Build Powerful Exercise Habits

  • Learn 4 proven laws to create a longstanding habit
  • How to exercise daily with fewer excuses and which to focus on to feel your strongest ever
  • Receive my How To Travel With Your Habits checklist to feel like you on the go 

Envision Your Longevity Blueprint

  • Celebrate wins and discuss breakthroughs from the week
  • How to continue building momentum and design your personalized self-care routine (aka your Longevity Blueprint)
  • Special invitation to Longevity Blueprint - 3.5 month self-care wellness course
  • Announce the winner of the wellness series, a $50 gift card to Blue Tax (details below)
Wellness and Lifestyle Coach

Natalie Jackson


As a teenager and through my 20's, I struggled with draining and frustrating health struggles - acne, eczema, depression, overeating, low self-worth, food intolerances, shaky work/life balance, and achy joints.

Not exactly the way I expected to start adulthood! But with a keen intuition, wise mentors, and a little grit, I've naturally alleviated my symptoms that are deemed "normal" in our society. And if they flare up, I know what to do!

As a 2x certified Health Coach and Outdoor Educator, now I use what I've learned to help people just like you to restore your natural health without expensive products and time consuming routines. I’ll show you how to glow from the inside out, feel grounded (no matter where you are) and create enlightened habits for life.  

"1000% couldn't have done it with out Natalie. Her flexibility and encouragement was the foundation, but I think that it was the passion for our growth and the self love that she expressed was the fire!"

- Christine J

"I loved working with Natalie! Her coaching definitely has helped me. She has incredible knowledge, a positive attitude, and teaching skills that helped me learn small changes lead to big changes.

- Beth B

"Natalie's ability to see where someone is going before they get there and guide them is one of the main contributors of her many coaching talents that helped me to achieve success. "

- Jennifer CP

This series is for you if you've ever thought...

  • I'm so exhausted and overwhelmed, I don't know where to start.
  • I'm suspicious that certain foods are making me feel bad.
  • It's hard to not overeat when I'm stressed and sad.
  • I have trouble getting started with exercise and often make excuses.
  • My weight is not where I want it to be.
  • Am I not trying hard enough?
  • How do I stop feeling bloated after meals?
  • My skin flares up around my cycle. This is embarrassing to get adult acne.
  • I'm too busy to take care of myself the way I want to.
  • It's hard to "turn off" in the evening and my anxious thoughts affect my sleep.
  • How do I stop yo-yo living?

It's not you, you are trying but it's your environments (aka your mind, gut, and physical space) that block you from flourishing.

I'll teach you how to set up your environments to be clear and empowered. 

Starts Monday, August 8th @11am-12pm CST



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Guidelines to win:

  1. Participate in all 4 days of the wellness series
  2. Share you wins, mindset shifts, and top takeaways
  3. Tag @nataliejacksonwellness twice on your instagram stories between August 8-11th

Yep, this is all free. See you there!