How To Create + Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Chances are you have made a New Year's resolution at some point in your life - and then fell off the map. Whether you broke it, 'cheated', gave up halfway, or ran out of motivation. This year, I want you to free yourself of this cycle and align your resolution, desire, and approach to follow through on your word with flying colors.

You may want to eat better, move more, stress less, and feel happier this year. If this is you, follow the steps below to get started.


Make The Decision

First, make the choice.  Do you want to create a resolution? Do you have the capacity and interest to set one? Give yourself permission to reply 'yes' or 'no.' That way you are clear with your intention and are no longer on the fence. Honor where you are in your life and in the season of winter. You are no less of a badass if you decide not to. 


Define 'Resolution' For Yourself

Choose your language. Do you like the word goal, resolution, habit, intention, or routine? Pick a word or phrase that feels good and accessible to you that will define your thoughts and actions. Then write it down.

Example: Intention - a new practice I will commit to everyday, create a plan, share with a friend, and follow through with my whole heart. I give myself grace to not be perfect in my efforts but have fun in the process.



Sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards. To get clear about the future, it's crucial that you reflect on the past year. Here are a few journal prompts to get the juices flowing. Often times your resolution becomes more obvious when you filter through the previous year.

  • What 3-5 things went well this year with my overall well-being?
  • Which self-care habits do I want to keep doing next year?
  • Where did I suffer with my health this past year?
  • Which old habits need to go?
  • If something "didn’t work," why might that be?
  • What am I proud of myself for?
  • What’s one thing that will make next year a "success" for me?


Set Your Resolution

Create ONE goal. Write it down. Keep it simple, realistic and specific. Instead of saying you'll eat better, write out what 1-2 ways you will eat better. Maybe you won't eat past 7pm each night or you will add 2 cups of vegetables to every lunch and dinner.

Set a time frame. How many days will you do this for? Create a container to experiment with this resolution, that way you can plan for the days ahead. It's helpful to make it doable everyday. Setting a high standard for yourself can be good sometimes but in this instance aim small with solid follow through every single day. This will allow your mind and body to realize, "Oh! We do this everyday. Not just when I feel like it." Allow new neuropaths ways and muscle memory to build up to stick with your intention.


Know Your Why

Simple as that. Why are you doing this? Why is this important to you now? Why are you worth the time and effort to invest in your wellness? You and I both know there will be days where you don't want to follow through on your goal. Those are the moments you pull out your why and remember the deeper meaning and desire behind your efforts. It works like magic because it comes from you.


Outline Your Plan

Answer these questions:

  • What is my resolution?
  • Why is this important to me?
  • When will I do this? For how long?
  • How will I remember to do it everyday?
  • What is my reward?


Track Your Progress + Be Consistent

I highly encourage you to keep a piece of paper out and track your progress. Remember, you are flexing your mental and physical muscles to create a new way of being with one specific habit or practice. Documenting your progress might sound annoying but once you start it sort of becomes a game and you gain momentum as you see each day checked off.


Anticipate Roadblocks + Excuses

What might get in your way of accomplishing your goal? A person? An old habit? An old mindset? The weather? Yourself? Flush those out and play out in your mind what you'll do when you can't walk outside for your 20 minute walk because there is a blizzard. Or what you'll eat at a dinner party when you don't have control of the menu. Or how you'll meditate for 5 minutes when your family is extra loud and in your space.

You do have enough time, energy, resources, motivation, and fire to get after. Now get after it. ;)


Reward Yourself

Literally. Set up a prize at the end for yourself for following through everyday on your intention. Buy a pair of shoes you've been wanting, take yourself out to eat at your favorite restaurant, or book that full body massage. Give yourself a carrot.  


Be Kind + Loving

Always be compassionate towards yourself as you attempt to do something new. Don't aim for perfection but aim for 'do something versus nothing.' If you decided to exercise for 15 minutes a day and suddenly the got away from you, do 20 squats next to bed. It counts! Small, actions steps EVERYDAY is key.