4 Remedies for Sore/Puffy Feet and Hands

As we move through spring, certain cyclical symptoms can arise in the body. One I noticed clients and friends mentioning recently are sore hands and feet. Especially, towards the end of the day looking puffy and swollen and feeling flustered and exhausted because they aren't getting any relief. 

So what's the root cause? Sluggish circulation and poor lymphatic drainage. The body isn't able to flush fluid that's being retained and because the center of the body is most important to protect internal organs, fluid and inflammation get pushed to the extremities. 

To help circulate oxygen, refresh blood and sweep out fluid and toxins, there are 3 key remedies to integrate into your self-care routine everyday, (ahem) I repeat, EVERYDAY ;)


1. Move or rest: which do you need? This one is tricky. If you are very self-driven, a busy body, and tend to identify with "work, work, work, do, do, do" this may be your body screaming, "SLOW DOWN!" For you, doing less and resting is key to allow soreness in your hands and feet to self-heal AND follow #2 and #3 below.

But if you are generally unmotivated, are more sedentary and experience spring time congestion, this may be your body screaming, "GET MOVING!" For you, gentle movement (10-15 minutes) first thing before breakfast along with an invigorating dry brush session before a shower (AND #2 and #3 below) will make a world of a difference in just a week.

You may also be a little of both. That's common! Which a sprinkling of all these self-care habits will help ease the soreness.


2. Elevate your feet above your heart. This will allow blood to flow back towards the heart and cycle fluids. In the evening, lay on a bed or floor with your hips as close to a wall as possible. Lean your legs against the wall so you are fully supported. Prop pillows under your body so you can relax all your muscles. Lay your hands over your heart and breath slowly in and our of your nose. 

I LOVE this one because you can relax while doing it. Take 10 minutes and close your eyes, listen to music/a podcast - just feel gravity working for you, all while helping circulation and ease puffy hands and feet.


3. Limit processed, salty and fried foods. Anything that isn't whole foods from the farmers market or produce section will increase sore and achy hands and feet. Remember, even foods labeled gluten-free are often processed so aim to eat 70% whole foods (foods without a nutrition label like veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds) 

4. The remedy is swear by - Massage your feet with a carrier oil before bed<-- Watch the video to see a demo. Use any carrier oil you have at home like coconut, jojoba, almond or even avocado or olive oil. If you really want a deep release, use castor oil. This is truly the most magical practice that done day after day will *literally change your feet. It works for the hands too because you distribute the oil to your feet from your hands, so it's really a two for one.