Wellness Coaching is Effective: Should You Try It?

The uncertainty of today's world continues to unfurl in ways I don't think any of us saw coming. Navigating your life and maintaining your health in challenging times can leave you feeling stressed, exhausted, out of shape, burned out, and alone.

These are times when we ask ourselves bigger questions to create meaning and desire a higher state of well-being. "What really matters to me? Am I feeling great in my body? How can I take better care of my mental health?" This is where a coach can step in to help facilitate a transformation.

My intent with today's blog is to breakdown what I do as a Wellness and Lifestyle coach (aka Health coach), how I do it, and the results you can experience. Let's get to it!

What is a Wellness and Lifestyle coach?

I facilitate a clients wellness journey to a desired state of physical and mental health. To be happy, content, and at home in their own body. I provide tools, resources, and strategies along with stellar accountability to help you follow through and take action on the habits you want consistently in your life.

Being a 2x certified Health coach, I give you space, coupled with deep listening, for you to become in tune with how your body naturally wants to operate. You'll discover your instinctual intelligence and how to orient towards ease when life gets stressful. Through the fog of modern society and excess of ideas of how to be "healthy", it's impactful to be reminded of your self-worth, deep knowing, and healing capabilities.

What Does a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach Do?

Many people I've worked with over years started working with me because they felt stuck, stressed out, and out of touch with their body. And all have had a gut feeling that a pill or diet isn't the quick fix that will aid their symptoms. It's more about lifestyle changes, that don't come easy, but are worth the effort and last for the rest of your life. I help clients embody habits around sleep, nutrition, movement, energy by practicing and experimenting with them in their daily lives. I provide guidance, encouragement, and room to discover your own answers.

I coach clients within a group setting for an added layer of accountability and safety. Being able to share your struggles and successes within a community of people who are on a similar path to you yields faster results, feeling less alone, and increases the fun factor. I help clients focus on the present moment and future, instead of the past, and make intentions/goals around WHAT you want and WHY you want it.

What Does the Relationship Between a Client and a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach Look Like?

I work alongside a client and sometimes behind. I don't offer answers or advice but provide an environment where you come to your own conclusions. Sometimes I ask direct and hard questions and sometimes I will cry with you when things get tough. Together with the group, we create a community of sharing, exploration, and inspiration.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach?

Here are a list of benefits working with me within a group coaching situation that have emerged over the last couple years.

  • Clearly define how you want to feel and live in your body
  • Identify meaningful intentions to achieve your vision
  • Increase self-love, empowerment, and confidence
  • Stronger connection with nature and the seasons
  • Rely less on motivation and learn how to use behavioral science to create and break habits
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Uncover limiting beliefs
  • Reframe negative self-talk
  • Obtain work/life balance
  • Move through challenging times with your physical and mental health in tact
  • Establish boundaries
  • Maintain healthy routines
  • Create personal affirmations
  • Learn how to effectively and safely do a seasonal cleanse


 What Is The Difference Between Mentorship, Coaching, and Therapy?

Check out this awesome diagram to untangle each support system and understand what each offers.

How Does Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching Work?

Now that you have an idea of what I do and how you can benefit, I want to explain HOW I work clients and the structure I use. I work 1:1 with clients but I can best support someone through my group coaching course Longevity Blueprint. I guide this community through a set of body habits inspired by Ayurvedic wisdom, ecotherapy, and behavioral science. Within the group, I help each client define their own goals and personalized approach to wellness that makes sense to their life. Each class provides a teaching on the habit plus a concept/theme for the week, then each client will be given time to consider how they want to integrate the habit into their week to give it a test run. I provide laser coaching, thought provoking questions, and strategies to assist the process.

Who Needs Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching?

Behaviors, beliefs, and obstacles can hold us back from being the next best version of ourselves and having a coach hold up a mirror in a judge free zone can help shake the repeating cycles. If you notice there's a gap between what we say and how we want to act, this is where a coach can come in. Other indicators you might benefit from a coach are:

  • You feel stuck, unmotivated, or confused about how to be healthy
  • You want support to achieve a specific vision
  • You lack confidence and self-worth
  • You want to get to know your body and self on a deeper level
  • You recently experienced a big life change, health scare, or event
  • You don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed
  • You're not quite sure what's not working, but you know something needs to change
  • You don't feel at home in your body
  • You don't feel anything is wrong but you simply want to be a better version of yourself
How Long Should I Work With A Wellness and Lifestyle Coach?

Ideally, 3-4 months at a minimum to learn and automate the habits for long lasting results. This length of time will create sustainable change you are seeking in your body and mind because truly what we are doing is reinforcing positive behaviors, and that takes time!

If you are interested in Wellness and Lifestyle coaching and are curious about joining Longevity Blueprint, click here to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. We start September 5th!

It is my soul work to guide transformational journeys and I can't wait to chat with you to discover if this is the right time to join our community!