The Number One Way To Get Inspired To Exercise Everyday

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A new season often brings in fresh motivation to set new workout goals and up your performance game. This is fantastic, and I'm totally with you, but what happens when the motivation fizzles out? What happens when you don't feel like doing 20-30 minutes of exercise?
Motivation? Hello?! Where'd you go?!
It's been my personal experience and coaching clients that we need to go one layer deeper. This is where you'll unearth an endless supply of motivation and it all starts with one question.
Answer this for yourself: Why do I exercise?
Why does it matter to YOU? What does it give you? How does it make you feel? Why is it truly a part of your life? What happens when you don't regularly move your body?
Take a few moments to ponder your answers. Write them down. Make it clear as to why for each one.
That way, when you're having a stressful day, you feel short on time, overwhelmed, a lack of support or options - go back to why movement is important to you. This mindset shift will help you tap into your greater motivation, what makes you tick - your own deduction of reasoning.
Remember, your answers can be anything, as long as they come from you. Maybe you want to feel strong and capable in your body. Maybe you want to lower anxiety and stress. Maybe you want to be able to play with your kids/grandkids. Maybe you want to minimize injury and age gracefully. Maybe you want to finish a half or full marathon. Maybe you have a big trip coming up and you want to be in shape to take care of your group and maintain your stamina. Maybe you want to fit into those old jeans in the back of the closest. Shit, maybe you just want to look good! Or maybe you want to boost your daily confidence and self-worth.
Anyway you look at it, your own why is the most influential element to doing it. Know your own thoughts and motivations and feel the tension relax to push yourself. As always, keep your exercise fun and uplifting!